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  • 1. Riding on the shoulders of giants

    Our integral hardware, the ESPresso series is based upon the popular ESP8266 Wi-Fi chipset developed by Espressif Systems, a Shanghai-based semiconductor technology company.


    The tiny ESP8266 packs a punch as a 32-bit 80 MHz microcontroller unit (based on Cadence Tensilica LX106 MCU), with fully-integrated Wi-Fi radio, baseband demodulators, TCP/IP stacks, supporting 802.11B/G/N WiFi standards, WiFi security protocols and I2C, UART, SPI and SDIO peripherals.

    2. Breaking out the market

    Since ESP8266's emergence in late 2014, there has been a steady rise in ESP8266-based hardware coming into the IoT market space. Most are in the form of modules, break-out boards, and development kits.


    As such, a high level of technical ability is required in order to develop viable IoT solutions commercially. Unless something is done to grow its user base beyond hardware geeks, it will continue to be just a mainstay among serious hardware developers and hobbyists.

    3. Sharing the same vision

    Our development team consists of hackers, designers, engineers, geeks, dreamers and crackpots.


    We share Espressif's vision of building a versatile, low cost and robust IoT Wi-Fi hardware that is simple to deploy, reducing the complexity of manufacturing and programming for the ordinary users so that it can embedded into products, solutions and services rapidly.


    We want to build a product that allow anyone, especially entrepreneurial makers to quickly turn their ideas into viable products, solutions and services in the IoT space.

    4. Building for the masses

    Having spoken to non-technical persons and understanding their fears, we sought to build the next generation of IoT hardware that allow anyone to learn, use and apply the technology into a variety of customized products, services and solutions.


    We went back to the drawing board and bounce a few conceptual ideas that eventually will became the starting point for the ESPresso series.


    Over time we will be releasing a range of boards for user testing to get their feedback. Ultimately, we hope to introduce a system of interchangeable modules that will cater to our users' diverse needs.

    5. Brewing the prototype

    We have conceptualised a series of ESPresso products in our hardware roadmap. First is the release of ESPresso Lite, a no-frills Arduino-compatible Wi-Fi development board with direct connectors for Bluetooth BLE 3.0/4.0 (dual mode) and a 128x64 OLED display modules as well as Seeedstudio's Grove system of connectors.


    Made specifically for novice learners, educators or makers wanting to build their own weekend IoT projects, the ESPresso Lite will serve as an entry-level board for ESP8266 enthusiasts.

    6. Innovate with ASEAN

    We work with makerspaces all over the region for the opportunities to collaborate and to generate viable business ideas and partnerships.


    We are happy to work with Cytron Technologies, our strategic partner in Penang, Malaysia to manufacture and distribute the ESPresso Lite V2.0.


    At the end, we hope that the ESPresso Lite project will be able to encapsulate the creativity and ingenuity of the ASEAN people.

    7. The next lap is all yours

    We believe the ESPresso Lite will serve as a catalyst to help makers intending to make great IoT products kickstart their making journey.


    Additional after-sale support will be provided such as a suite of STL files for those looking to laser cut or 3D print their own enclosures/casings. A library of Arduino sketches will be provided to make programming and customisation easier. All this is supported by an mobile app that will configure the devices simultaneously and help launch your first cloud service within minutes.


    Build your own wearables. Test your customized smart home solution. Prototype your own interactive beacons. The sky is the limit.

  • Introducing the ESPresso LITE

    The no-frills Arduino-compatible Wi-Fi development board for your first Internet-of-Things project.

    The ESPresso Lite beta/1.0 development board

    We also have the no-frills, basic development board designed for makerspaces and schools. Suitable to be used in introductory IoT workshops or just to meet any maker's prototyping needs.


    • Features Espressif System's ESP8266 WROOM-02 Wi-Fi module (with 4Mb flash)
    • Design for IoT with free espert.io cloud and app service

    • Support the Arduino IDE (boards manager) and libraries

    • Auto program loading from Arduino IDE

    • Vin: 3 to 6VDC

    • Operating Voltage: 3.3VDC

    • WROOM-02 module is FCC, CE & TELEC certified

    • Breadboard-friendly breakout pins

    • Ready pads for I2C OLED panel

    For more information about getting started with ESPresso Lite 1/beta, please click here.


  • Now is the time to make it happen.

    We are Makers

    The Internet of Things or 'IoT' may sound scary but it does not have to be so. While there have been many Wi-Fi SoC development boards out in the market, few have pay attention to the user experience nor the capability to be embedded into scalable enterprise solutions.


    We understand the pain of prototyping and having to handle multiple unknowns. We are well-connected to the maker ecosystem regionally, harnessing the available talents and power of ideas to make an insanely great product. We know the journey will be hard.

    This is the reason we bring to you - the ESPresso.


    After all, we are makers too!

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