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Setting up ESPert cloud and mobile app

NOTE: ESPert will be officially launching a new cloud service soon. We will release the preview of the features during the IoTAsia 2016 conference and will be officially launching it on 9 April.

ESPert provides a free cloud service account with selected features for anyone (not necessarily limited to ESPresso Lite users) who wants to build their own IoT applications involving smartphone push notification, geofencing or data visualization.

1. Creating web account in

  • Go to
  • Press Login button at the right corner
  • Register to create account. (You need to confirm your email address after registration)
  • Try login to website to make sure your account is activated.

When you login again, you will see three features indicated on the left column:

  • My Smartphone
  • My Geofencing
  • My Freeboard

When you click on "My Smartphone", there will not be any information displayed until you proceed to download, install and run the ESPert app.

2. Download the ESpert App

(* We are still in the midst of testing so please be patient. Do report any bugs if possible)

Download the development version to your smartphone and install it.

  • Open the ESPert app
  • Login to cloud using your mobile app
  • Allow ESPert app to access your location and push notification features

3. Testing push notification feature

  • Use web browser to login to
  • You will see in your left column, "My Smartphone"
  • Click on the 'Push' ('thunderbolt' image) button to show Push Notification dialog box
  •  Noticed that a string of 16-number smartphone key is generated (which will be tagged to your registered smartphone). You can use this smartphone key to send text to yourself through your browser (example shown below).
  • You can fill in the message in the box and click 'Send' 
  • You should get a notification sent directly to your smartphone

e.g. In the message box, key in "Welcome to push notification service" and click 'Send'

Within a few seconds, a text notification will be received by your smartphone.

NOTE: Remember the 16-number smartphone key for sending message on your browser URL bar. Keep this number private so avoid receiving prank messages from your friends.

You can now send a message/notification to yourself with your browser by keying in (where xxxxx is your smartphone numerical key and yyyyyy is the text message):

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